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The Computational Algebra System GAP Support Group

This is the web page for the Support Group of the mathematical software package GAP.

GAP performs advanced computations with finite and infinite groups, as well as many rings and Lie algebras. If you don't find instructions helping you do the computation you wish to do in the examples or online documentation, perhaps the Support Group can help. The Support Group is also a good place to report any bugs you discover (please include the version of GAP you are using and the operating system in your report).

All of you reading the GAP Forum, and those of you having been in correspondence with the GAP Group, know a number of names of helpful souls who rather regularly try to answer questions, suggest bug fixes, and so on. Most of these people belong to the GAP Support Group, who provide an important service to the community of GAP users.

Please understand however that you should direct your questions or bug reports to the address, if they are not likely to be interesting for the several hundred subscribers of the GAP Forum, or to, if you think they are of such general interest. Please do not normally write to the individual members of the Support Group, as they may be away from email contact, or who may want to discuss your problem with other Support Group members before answering.

So here are the present members: