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6 publications using GAP in the category "Several complex variables and analytic spaces"

[AC+05] Artal Bartolo, E., Carmona Ruber, J., Cogolludo-Agust\'\in, J. I., and Marco Buzunáriz, M., Topology and combinatorics of real line arrangements, Compos. Math., 141 (6) (2005), 1578--1588.

[D11] Donten, M., On Kummer 3-folds, Rev. Mat. Complut., 24 (2) (2011), 465--492.

[GTV03] Garber, D., Teicher, M., and Vishne, U., $\pi_1$-classification of real arrangements with up to eight lines, Topology, 42 (1) (2003), 265--289.

[MS00] Matei, D. and Suciu, A. I., Cohomology rings and nilpotent quotients of real and complex arrangements, in Arrangements---Tokyo 1998, Kinokuniya, Tokyo, Adv. Stud. Pure Math., 27 (2000), 185--215.

[S01] Suciu, A. I., Fundamental groups of line arrangements: enumerative aspects, in Advances in algebraic geometry motivated by physics (Lowell, MA, 2000), Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI, Contemp. Math., 276 (2001), 43--79.

[S02] Suciu, A. I., Translated tori in the characteristic varieties of complex hyperplane arrangements, Topology Appl., 118 (1-2) (2002), 209--223
(Arrangements in Boston: a Conference on Hyperplane Arrangements (1999)).