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115 publications using GAP published in 2008

[A08] Abdollahi, A., Commuting graphs of full matrix rings over finite fields, Linear Algebra Appl., 428 (11-12) (2008), 2947--2954.

[AAH08] Abdollahi, A., Ataei, M. J., and Hassanabadi, A. M., Minimal blocking sets in $\rm PG(n,2)$ and covering groups by subgroups, Comm. Algebra, 36 (2) (2008), 365--380.

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[AFM08] Abdollahi, A., Faghihi, A., and Mohammadi Hassanabadi, A., 3-generator groups whose elements commute with their endomorphic images are abelian, Comm. Algebra, 36 (10) (2008), 3783--3791.

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[AG08] Aguglia, A. and Giuzzi, L., Construction of a 3-dimensional MDS-code, Contrib. Discrete Math., 3 (1) (2008), 39--46.

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[AM08] Ali, F. and Moori, J., Fischer-Clifford matrices of the non-split group extension $2^6\cdot U_4(2)$, Quaest. Math., 31 (1) (2008), 27--36.

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[AC+08] An, J., Cannon, J. J., O'Brien, E. A., and Unger, W. R., The Alperin weight conjecture and Dade's conjecture for the simple group $\rm Fi_24'$, LMS J. Comput. Math., 11 (2008), 100--145.

[ADM08] Antoneli, F., Dias, A. P. S., and Matthews, P. C., Invariants, equivariants and characters in symmetric bifurcation theory, Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh Sect. A, 138 (3) (2008), 477--512.

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[B08] Bidwell, J. N. S., Automorphisms of direct products of finite groups. II, Arch. Math. (Basel), 91 (2) (2008), 111--121.

[B08] Bocklandt, R., Graded Calabi Yau algebras of dimension 3, J. Pure Appl. Algebra, 212 (1) (2008), 14--32.

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[BKM08] Bovdi, V. A., Konovalov, A. B., and Marcos, E. d. N., Integral group ring of the Suzuki sporadic simple group, Publ. Math. Debrecen, 72 (3-4) (2008), 487--503.

[BH08] Bovdi, V. and Hertweck, M., Zassenhaus conjecture for central extensions of $S_5$, J. Group Theory, 11 (1) (2008), 63--74.

[BGK08] Breuer, T., Guralnick, R. M., and Kantor, W. M., Probabilistic generation of finite simple groups. II, J. Algebra, 320 (2) (2008), 443--494.

[B08] Brooksbank, P. A., Fast constructive recognition of black box symplectic groups, J. Algebra, 320 (2) (2008), 885--909.

[CGM08] Cameron, P. J., Gewurz, D. A., and Merola, F., Product action, Discrete Math., 308 (2-3) (2008), 386--394.

[CK08] Cameron, P. J. and Kazanidis, P. A., Cores of symmetric graphs, J. Aust. Math. Soc., 85 (2) (2008), 145--154.

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[D08] Darafsheh, M. R., On the recognition of the simple groups $L_7(3)$ and $L_8(3)$ by the spectrum, Internat. J. Algebra Comput., 18 (5) (2008), 925--933.

[DAK08] Darafsheh, M. R., Ashrafi, A. R., and Khademi, M., Some designs related to group actions, Ars Combin., 86 (2008), 65--75.

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[D08] Degtyarev, A., Fundamental groups of symmetric sextics, J. Math. Kyoto Univ., 48 (4) (2008), 765--792.

[DG+08] Delgado, M., Garc\'\ia-Sánchez, P. A., Rosales, J. C., and Urbano-Blanco, J. M., Systems of proportionally modular Diophantine inequalities, Semigroup Forum, 76 (3) (2008), 469--488.

[DF08] Detinko, A. S. and Flannery, D. L., Algorithms for computing with nilpotent matrix groups over infinite domains, J. Symbolic Comput., 43 (1) (2008), 8--26.

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[E08] Eick, B., Schur multiplicators of infinite pro-$p$-groups with finite coclass, Israel J. Math., 166 (2008), 147--156.

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