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94 publications using GAP published in 2016

[AJJ16] Abdollahi, A., Janbaz, S., and Jazaeri, M., Groups all of whose undirected Cayley graphs are determined by their spectra, J. Algebra Appl., 15 (9) (2016), 1650175, 15.

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[AT+16] Azizi, A., Talbi, M., Talbi, M., Derhem, A., and Mayer, D. C., The group $\textGal(k_3^(2)\vert k)$ for $k=\BbbQ(\sqrt-3,\sqrtd)$ of type $(3,3)$, Int. J. Number Theory, 12 (7) (2016), 1951--1986.

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[BD16] Bishnoi, A. and De Bruyn, B., On semi-finite hexagons of order $(2,t)$ containing a subhexagon, Ann. Comb., 20 (3) (2016), 433--452.

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[BGM16] Bravi, P., Gandini, J., and Maffei, A., Projective normality of model varieties and related results, Represent. Theory, 20 (2016), 39--93.

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[BT16] Burness, T. C. and Tong-Viet, H. P., Primitive permutation groups and derangements of prime power order, Manuscripta Math., 150 (1-2) (2016), 255--291.

[CP16] Cameron, P. J. and Praeger, C. E., Constructing flag-transitive, point-imprimitive designs, J. Algebraic Combin., 43 (4) (2016), 755--769.

[CT16] Caroli, M. and Teillaud, M., Delaunay triangulations of closed Euclidean $d$-orbifolds, Discrete Comput. Geom., 55 (4) (2016), 827--853.

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