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27 publications using GAP published in 2018

[XS18] Östergård, P. R. J. and Soicher, L. H., There is no McLaughlin geometry, J. Combin. Theory Ser. A, 155 (2018), 27–41.

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[DS18] Dantas, A. C. and Sidki, S. N., On state-closed representations of restricted wreath product of groups $G_p,d =C_pwrC^d$, J. Algebra, 500 (2018), 335–361.

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[GLD18] Gomi, Y., Loyola, M. L., and De Las Peñas, M. L. A. N., String C-groups of order 1024, Contrib. Discrete Math., 13 (1) (2018), 1–22.

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[KKW18] Kiermaier, M., Kurz, S., and Wassermann, A., The order of the automorphism group of a binary $q$-analog of the Fano plane is at most two, Des. Codes Cryptogr., 86 (2) (2018), 239–250.

[KY18] Kitture, R. D. and Yadav, M. K., Note on Caranti's method of construction of Miller groups, Monatsh. Math., 185 (1) (2018), 87–101.

[K18] Krčadinac, V., Some new designs with prescribed automorphism groups, J. Combin. Des., 26 (4) (2018), 193–200.

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[S18] Shimada, I., An even extremal lattice of rank 64, J. Number Theory, 185 (2018), 1–15.

[WW+18] Wang, C., Wang, S., Zhang, Y., and Zimmermann, B., Graphs in the 3-sphere with maximum symmetry, Discrete Comput. Geom., 59 (2) (2018), 331–362.

[ZZ18] Zhou, S. and Zhan, X., Flag-transitive automorphism groups of 2-designs with $\lambda\ge(r,\lambda)^2$ and an application to symmetric designs, Ars Math. Contemp., 14 (1) (2018), 187–195.