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GAP Manuals Online

Here are HTML and PDF versions of the manuals of the GAP 4.7 core system.

(Note that it is difficult to include mathematical formulae in web pages. The HTML versions of manuals below are rendered reasonably well in most current browsers. For sections with many formulae you may prefer the PDF versions.)

Book name            Description
Tutorial[PDF]     Tutorial, getting started with GAP
Reference[PDF]     The GAP reference manual
Changes[PDF]     Changes from earlier versions

There is also a common preface for main GAP manuals.

Package manuals

The following manuals of current GAP packages are also available.

Book name            Description
4ti2Interface[PDF]     An interface to 4ti2.
ACE[PDF]     Advanced Coset Enumerator
AClib[PDF]     Almost Crystallographic Groups - A Library and Algorithms
Alnuth[PDF]     Algebraic number theory and an interface to PARI/GP
ANUPQ[PDF]     ANU p-Quotient
AtlasRep[PDF]     An Atlas of Group Representations
AutoDoc[PDF]     Generate documentation from GAP source code
AutomGrp[PDF]     Automata Groups
AutPGrp[PDF]     Computing the Automorphism Group of a p-Group
Browse[PDF]     ncurses interface and browsing applications
Carat[PDF]     Interface to CARAT, a crystallographic groups package
Circle[PDF]     Adjoint groups of finite rings
cohomolo[PDF]     Computing Cohomology groups and Schur Multipliers
Congruence[PDF]     Congruence subgroups of SL(2,Integers)
Convex[PDF]     A package to provide convex geometry functions to GAP.
CoReLG[PDF]     Computing with real Lie groups
crime[PDF]     The Crime Package
CRISP[PDF]     Computing Radicals, Injectors, Projectors of solvable groups
Cryst[PDF]     Computing with crystallographic groups
CrystCat[PDF]     The crystallographic groups catalog
CTblLib[PDF]     The GAP Character Table Library
Cubefree[PDF]     Constructing the groups of a given cubefree order
cvec[PDF]     Compact vectors over finite fields
DESIGN[PDF]     The Design Package for GAP
EDIM[PDF]     Elementary Divisors of Integer Matrices
Example[PDF]     Example/Template of a GAP Package
ExamplesForHomalg[PDF]     Examples for the GAP Package homalg
FactInt[PDF]     A GAP4 Package for FACToring INTegers
FGA[PDF]     Free Group Algorithms
Float[PDF]     Floating-point numbers
FORMAT[PDF]     Formations of Finite Soluble Groups
Forms[PDF]     Forms - Sesquilinear and Quadratic
fplsa[PDF]     Interface to fast external Lie Todd-Coxeter Program
FR[PDF]     Functionally recursive and automata groups
fwtree[PDF]     Computing trees related to some pro-p-groups of finite width
GAPDoc[PDF]     a meta package for GAP documentation
GAPDoc Example[PDF]     example help book for GAPDoc
Gauss[PDF]     Extended Gauss functionality for GAP
GaussForHomalg[PDF]     Gauss functionality for the homalg project
GBNP[PDF]     Non-commutative Gröbner bases
genss[PDF]     Generic Schreier-Sims
Gpd[PDF]     Finite Groupoids and Graphs of Groups
GradedModules[PDF]     A homalg based package for the Abelian category of finitely presented graded modules over computable graded rings
GradedRingForHomalg[PDF]     A homalg based Package for Graded Rings
GRAPE[PDF]     GRaph Algorithms using PErmutation groups
GrpConst[PDF]     Constructing the Groups of a Given Order
Guarana[PDF]     Applications of Lie methods for computations with infinite polycyclic groups
GUAVA[PDF]     GUAVA Coding Theory Package
HAP[PDF]     Homological Algebra Programming Package
HAPcryst[PDF]     The crystallographic group extension to HAP
HAPprog[PDF]     An experimental framework for objectifying the data structures of Hap
HAPprime[PDF]     A small prime-power group extension to HAP
HAPprime Datatypes[PDF]     Datatype reference for HAPprime
hecke[PDF]     Hecke - Specht 2.4 ported to GAP 4
homalg[PDF]     A homological algebra meta-package for computable Abelian categories
HomalgToCAS[PDF]     A window to the outer world
IdRel[PDF]     Identities among Relations
IntPic[PDF]     IntPic, a GAP package for drawing integers
IO[PDF]     Bindings for low level C library I/O routines
IO_ForHomalg[PDF]     IO capabilities for the homalg project
irredsol[PDF]     A library of irreducible solvable linear groups over finite fields
ITC[PDF]     Interactive Todd-Coxeter computations
Kan[PDF]     Computing with Kan extensions
kbmag[PDF]     Knuth-Bendix on Monoids and Automatic Groups
LAGUNA[PDF]     Lie AlGebras and UNits of group Algebras
LieAlgDB[PDF]     A library of Lie algebras
LiePRing[PDF]     LiePRing Package
LieRing[PDF]     Computing with Lie rings
linboxing[PDF]     Kernel-level access to LinBox linear algebra
LocalizeRingForHomalg[PDF]     A Package for Localization of Polynomial Rings
loops[PDF]     The LOOPS Package: Loops and quasigroups for GAP
MapClass[PDF]     Documentation for MapClass Package
MatricesForHomalg[PDF]     Lazy evaluated matrices with clever operations for the homalg project
ModIsom[PDF]     Computing with nilpotent associative algebras
Modules[PDF]     A homalg based package for the Abelian category of finitely presented modules over computable rings
Nilmat[PDF]     Computation with nilpotent matrix groups
nq[PDF]     Nilpotent Quotient Algorithm
NumericalSgps[PDF]     NumericalSgps, a GAP package for numerical semigroups
OpenMath[PDF]     OpenMath functionality in GAP
orb[PDF]     Methods to enumerate orbits
ParGAP[PDF]     Parallel GAP
PERMUT[PDF]     PERMUT: A package to deal with permutability in finite groups
polenta[PDF]     Polycyclic presentations for matrix groups
polycyclic[PDF]     Computation with polycyclic groups
PolymakeInterface[PDF]     An Interface to polymake
polymaking[PDF]     A package for using polymake in GAP
QaoS[PDF]     QaoS - Querying Algebraic Objects System
QuaGroup[PDF]     a package for doing computations with quantum groups
RadiRoot[PDF]     Roots of a Polynomial as Radicals
RCWA[PDF]     [R]esidue-[C]lass-[W]ise [A]ffine groups
RDS[PDF]     Relative Difference Sets
recog[PDF]     A collection of group recognition methods
recogbase[PDF]     A framework for group recognition
Repsn[PDF]     Constructing matrix representations of finite groups
ResClasses[PDF]     Computations with Residue Classes and their Set-Theoretic Unions
RingsForHomalg[PDF]     Dictionaries of external rings for the homalg project
SCO[PDF]     SCO - Simplicial Cohomology of Orbifolds
SCSCP[PDF]     Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol
Semigroups[PDF]     Semigroups - Methods for semigroups
simpcomp[PDF]     A GAP toolbox for simplicial complexes
singular[PDF]     The GAP interface to Singular
SLA[PDF]     Computing with simple Lie algebras
Smallsemi[PDF]     a library of small semigroups
SONATA[PDF]     System of nearrings and their applications
SONATA Tutorial[PDF]     Eight easy pieces for SONATA: a SONATA tutorial
Sophus[PDF]     Computing with nilpotent Lie algebras
SpinSym[PDF]     The SpinSym Package
SymbCompCC[PDF]     SymbCompCC/Symbolic computation with p-groups of fixed coclass
TomLib[PDF]     The GAP Library of Tables of Marks
ToolsForHomalg[PDF]     Provides special methods and knowledge propagation tools
toric[PDF]     toric variety package
ToricVarieties[PDF]     A package to compute properties of toric varieties
unipot[PDF]     Computing with elements of unipotent subgroups of Chevalley groups
UnitLib[PDF]     The library of normalized unit groups of modular group algebras
Wedderga[PDF]     Wedderga
XGap[PDF]     XGAP - a graphical user interface for GAP
XMod[PDF]     Crossed Modules and Cat1-Groups in GAP