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2. Obtaining GAP

2.2: I cannot FTP that much data. Can I get a CD?

As a comparatively small group of researchers, writing CDs comes at a notable cost in time (for writing the CD, getting blanks, suitable envelopes, shipping and so on). We therefore do not normally produce CDs containing GAP.

If you have a slow modem connection at home, but a faster connection at work/university the easiest solution might be to download GAP there and write it on a USB flash drive or CD yourself and we would encourage you to use this method whenever possible.

Depending on your country, there might also be commercial services that will produce CDs of specified content (search for 'CD writing service' on a search engine such as Google.)

In exceptional cases, when you are unable to get GAP any other way, we can write a CD. This however can take some time, and we may have to charge some costs. Please contact us at