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5. Usage hints

5.1: How can I customise GAP?

When you start GAP, it looks for files with the names gap.ini and gaprc in its root directories (see GAP Root Directories), and reads the first gap.ini and the first gaprc file it finds. These files may be used for certain customisations, for example, to read a file containing functions or data that you always need, to set your personal preferences, to load certain packages, or to define your personal abbreviations for some names in the library, which seems to be too long for you.

For more details about gap.ini and gaprc files see the section The gap.ini and gaprc files from the GAP Reference Manual.

In former GAP releases prior to GAP 4.5 a filed called .gaprc was used for customisations. If you have used the .gaprc file, see the section The former .gaprc file. from the GAP Reference Manual for the transitional arrangements.