> < ^ Date: Fri, 24 Jun 1994 11:53:00 -0400
> < ^ From: Allen Adler <adler@hera.wku.edu >
> ^ Subject: Adding online documentation

I have received and also written some GAP programs that I plan to
use extensively. It would be convenient to be able to add some
online documentaiton for them, such as already exists for the rest of GAP,
for my private use.

Please tell me in words of one syllable how to do this.

I am pretty sure that the answer involves hacking the TeX files
for the manual, but simply adding new sections or new entries to
the table of contents doesn't seem to be enough. There may also
be something involving the magic word "hashing", but I don't know
how to work with that.

I noticed that there are other tricks that are used on the .g files
in the library, such as putting emacs in Outline mode when one looks
at them in emacs. But I think that has nothing to do with the online

Allan Adler

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