> < ^ Date: Thu, 08 Sep 1994 11:45:00 +0100
^ From: Jan Andersen <jaa@nov.cri.dk >
> ^ Subject: .zoo file


I've dowloaded the two .zoo files (bin3r4p1.zoo and gap3r4p1.zoo)
and I'd like to put them on diskettes; but gap3r4p1.zoo is far
too big, of course. Where would I find a set of .zoo files that
will fit on HD PC-diskettes (1.4 Mbyte)?

Also it seems that some of the filenames are too long for my DOS
and OS/2 to handle, so I probably lose some of the files when I
expand the file; is it possible to give those files shorter

Thanks for your help.

Jan Andersen

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