> < ^ Date: Tue, 29 Mar 1994 14:23:00 -0800
> < ^ From: Robert Beals <beals@sisters.cs.uoregon.edu >
^ Subject: IsFinite for matrix groups

Dear Gap community,

I have been working on a GAP implementation of an algorithm for
testing whether or not a matrix group, given by a list of generators,
is finite. The algorithm is described in ``Deciding finiteness of
matrix groups in deterministic polynomial time,'' Laszlo Babai,
Robert Beals, and Daniel Rockmore, Proceedings of ISSAC'93.

I would like very much to test this program on some ``practical''
inputs. Unfortunately, while I have encountered many people who think
that testing finiteness of a matrix group is a nice thing to be able
to do, I know of nobody who actually wants it done. I urge anyone who
has a use for testing matrix groups for finiteness to contact me.


Robert Beals

Dept. of Computer and Info. Science
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403


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