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Subject: Re: A port of GAP to OS/2 2.0 and DOS

This is my first try at porting GAP, and I have spent only very little
time on it. But if you need an OS/2 version or if you are curious
about another DOS version, give it a try!

I have never used OS/2, so this might be a stupid question: Is it
possible to run a fairly large GAP (say 16 mbyte job) as background
process and to do some editing in the foreground on a PC 486/33Mhz
with 8 mbyte of RAM under OS/2? Or is the swapping/paging to

I would consider 8 MByte of RAM the absolute minimum for OS/2 2.0,
even without GAP. With a 16MB GAP job in the background, I think
nothing would be moving at all, i.e., terrible swapping.

I have 13 MBytes of RAM, and after booting OS/2 and loading a little
screen saver I have about 4 MB free. So OS/2 uses at least 8 MB of RAM
for itself. Your 16 MB GAP job should run ok in 16 MBytes of memory,
I'd think.

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