> < ^ Date: Tue, 20 Dec 1994 15:42:00 +0100
> < ^ From: Harald Boegeholz <hwb@ix.de >
^ Subject: an application of GAP for computations in Hecke algebras

Dear forum,

I'd recently finished my thesis to get my Diplom in mathematics. In my
work, I used GAP to compute a basis for the centre of the Hecke
algebra of type A_n which consists of symmetric polynomials in Murphy

Just in case it might be of interest to anyone, I'd like to announce
here that my work is availble via WWW (see my signature below). It is
in German, of course (except for the GAP programs, which are written
in GAP and English).

The programs contain two functions that might be of general
interest. Since GAP has no mechanism for saving the whole workspace in
a file, I wrote two functions (MurphyLoad and MurphySave, see
pg. 73ff) that save and load certain results to/from a file. I found
that saving/loading polynomials the straightforward way (PrintTo a
file and Read it back) ist far slower than what I do now, so maybe
someone can use this technique elsewhere.

Harald Boegeholz

Harald Boegeholz | hwb@mathematik.uni-stuttgart.de
| os2a@ftp.uni-stuttgart.de

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