> < ^ Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1993 16:34:53 +0200
> < ^ From: Harald Boegeholz <hwb@ix.de >
^ Subject: new port of GAP for OS/2 2.x and DOS

I have completed a new version of my port of GAP 3.2 to OS/2 2.x and
DOS. The executable is now at patchlevel 3, and I made some more minor
emx-specific improvements. You can download it from


This file contains an executable of GAP compiled for OS/2 2.x and DOS
as well as all those files of the GAP library that were updated by the
three patches to GAP. That way you can conveniently upgrade to
patchlevel 3 without using PATCH and the diffs.

For running GAP under OS/2 2.x, you also need the emx runtime. It is
available from


Please refer to the file gap/emx/README in gapemx.zip for more

New features of this port:

* works correctly under GNU Emacs under OS/2 (identifier completion etc.)

* signal handling (Ctrl-Break) now works under DOS, too

There is also a hypertext version of the GAP documentation for OS/2.
It can be found at


Since I have had practically no feedback from people using GAP under
OS/2, I would like to hear from anybody who is using this port. I
would also like to hear from people who have tested this version of
GAP under DOS. I don't use DOS myself, but I have briefly tested this
port under DOS and it seems to work pretty well. It even seems to be a
little faster than gap386.exe.


Harald Boegeholz
Harald Boegeholz | hwb@mathematik.uni-stuttgart.de
| please note that I will discontinue using my home
| address hwb@texnix... in the near future.

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