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^ From: Horatio B. Bogbindero <wyy@admu.edu.ph >
^ Subject: problems compiling ParGAP

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hello all,

i am using Gap4r2 in our system right now. we have just installed it
on our beowulf cluster and would like to install the ParGAP package.
the configuration was simple since all i did was unzoo the ParGAP
packages in the pkg directory of the GAP source and did a:

=2E/configure ../..

then i ran the pargap.sh file and got the following errors:


Information at: http://www-gap.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~gap
? for help. Copyright and authors list by ?copyright, ?authors
Loading the library. Please be patient, this may take a while.
Function Calls: <func> must be a function (not a list (string,imm)) at
Function Calls: <func> must be a function (not a list (string,imm))
#I Package ``pargap'' has unfulfilled requirements
if IsString( str ) and str <> "" and str( Length( str ) ) =3D '\n' then
return str{[ 1 .. Length( str ) - 1 ]};
<function>( <arguments> ) called from read-eval-loop
Entering break read-eval-print loop, you can 'quit;' to quit to outer loop,
or you can return a function for <func> to continue
brk> Function Calls: <func> must be a function (not a list (string,imm))
#I Package ``pargap'' has unfulfilled requirements


i do not understand the error messages. i would really appreciate it if
you could show me how to solve this problem.=20

many thanks.
William Emmanuel S. Yu
Ateneo Cervini-Eliazo Networks (ACENT)
email  :  william.s.yu@ieee.org
web    :  http://cersa.admu.edu.ph
phone  :  63(2)4266001-5925/5904
GPG    :  http://sysads.ateneo.net/wyu/wyy.pgp
War spares not the brave, but the cowardly.
		-- Anacreon

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