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Dear Gap Forum,

Nicolas Rennert wrote

I've created an object foo of a certain representation which is a
IsComponentObjectRep with a few components. I'm surprise that there is no
checking on fields that I can assign. I can set foo!.hghghg:=10 even hghghg is
not one of my components. Is it a normal behavior ? It seems that there is no
difference between unassigned components from the representation and undefined

Indeed it is currently possible to assign any component
of a component object.
More precisely, currently there is no mechanism to check
whether used components have been notified when the
representation in question was created.
(Such a mechanism might be introduced at some time,
mainly for debugging purposes.)

The restriction of available components to a prescribed set
was motivated by the idea that whenever sub-representations
of a given representation are created,
one can distinguish between components of the super-representation
(whose meaning carries over to the sub-representation)
and new components for the sub-representation
(whose meaning can safely be defined).

Kind regards,
Thomas Breuer

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