> < ^ Date: Thu, 28 Apr 1994 12:15:00 +1000
> < ^ From: Eamonn O'Brien <obrien@math.auckland.ac.nz >
^ Subject: ANU PQ package Version 1.2

Version 1.2 of the ANU p-Quotient Program is now available
by anonymous FTP.

The Unix tar file, pq.v1-2.tar.Z, of the program may be
fetched by anonymous ftp from

pell.anu.edu.au (IP number

It is in the pub/PQ directory

The file can be uncompressed using the command

uncompress pq.v1-2.tar.Z

Then the file can be unpacked using the command

tar -xvf pq.v1-2.tar

This will create a directory called pq and needs
about 1.5 MB of free disk space.

Please read the README file in the pq directory for
all necessary compilation details.

The program provides access to implementations of
the following algorithms:

-- p-quotient computations;

-- p-group generation;

-- a "standard presentation" algorithm which permits
isomorphism testing for p-groups;

-- an algorithm to compute a description of the
automorphism group of a p-group.

This version can be run as part of the share library of
GAP 3.2 (and later versions). Much of it is also
accessible via Magma and Quotpic.

Version 1.2 will be distributed as a standard
share package with GAP 3.4, when it is released.
In the meantime, the existing Version 1.1 distributed
with GAP 3.3 can be replaced by Version 1.2.

Feedback and bug reports are welcomed.

Eamonn O'Brien
School of Mathematical Sciences
Australian National University
Canberra, 0200

e-mail obrien@maths.anu.edu.au

April 1994

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