> < ^ Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 12:28:42 -0800 (PST)
< ^ From: Kai Brommann <kai_brommann@yahoo.com >
^ Subject: [ANNOUNCE:]XiStrat-0.6.59 released

we are happy to announce a new release of the XiStrat

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About: XiStrat (aka 'Extended Strategy') is in
particular about turn-based, networked multiplayer,
non-cooperative, zero-sum, abstract strategy board
games (e.g., Chess, Go, Reversi variants, etc.) on
3D-visualized polyhedra and contains a server, client
GUI, autoplayer engine, utilities, and documentation.
Besides related recreational modern mathematics
(single agent, cellular automata,
graph/group/complexity/knot theory, discrete geometry,
algebra, combinatorics, and mathematical physics) is
dealt with.

Changes: A demo applet prototype has been implemented,
and the investigation of generalized Rubik game
variants (rubicon group treatment M12 etc.) has been
started. Besides a Go variant (with random engine),
the 'vector' groups (for single figure A), a Penrose
quasicrystal (using the inflation/deflation
algorithm), and several new graph examples have been
added. Also included are a general treatment of so
called torus knots (Jones polynomial), the iterative
deepening feature in the Chess variant engine, and
many general bugfixes.

GAP is heavily used in this project, and we deal with
various interesting branches of mathematics.
Especially those 'vector' groups and the corresponding
mechanics seem quite promising and prospective.

But I'm only a poor physicist and 'hardly knowing what
I'm doing with group theory' (as someone put it in
another unrelated post), so please:
Don't hesitate to tell if u are aware of prior art, so
we won't invent the wheel again.

Feedback, critics, help, contributions appreciated.


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