> < ^ Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2001 06:10:46 +0200
> < ^ From: Stas Bulygin <s_bulygin@hotmail.com >
> ^ Subject: Add() function
  Dear GAP-Forum,
  There's something strange happening with the Add() function for lists. If 
I write:
    word:=[]; temp:=Z(2^4)^8;
    Add(word, temp);
I have [Z(2)^0, 0*Z(2), Z(2)^0, 0*Z(2)] as a value of word instead of 
Z(2^4)^8. So, Add() seems to automatically convert elements from F_(2^4) to 
vectors over F_2 of length 4.
  Is there any opportunity to correct this situation other than using 
word[1]:=temp; ?
           Sincerely, Stas Bulygin.

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