> < ^ Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 23:53:34 +0200
< ^ From: Stas Bulygin <s_bulygin@hotmail.com >
> ^ Subject: Low weight random matricies

Dear GAP-Forum,
For my program I needed some random matrix n1*n2 over GF(2), but the
additional condition was that it's weight was rather small, comparing to
it's size. In GAP I know the function RandomMat(n1,n2,GF(2)), but it
generates JUST a random matrix. Is there any way to perform my request in
GAP? (What I did was to implement a loop, which would execute, until GAP
would generate the matrix with needed properties, but it can take enourmous
amount of time)
Thanks for you consideration.
Sincerely, Stan Bulygin.

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