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^ Subject: Finitely-presented groups: questions and algorithms
Finitely-presented groups: questions and algorithms
   Third Announcement -- June 2001
       Trento, July 23-26, 2001

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1. A meeting on this topic will take place in Trento, Italy, from
Monday, July 23, through Thursday, July 26, 2001. Arrival day is
Sunday, departure day is Friday.

We are grateful to the Department of Mathematics, University of
Trento, and to "Gruppo Nazionale per le Strutture Algebriche e
Geometriche e Applicazioni" of "Istituto Nazionale di Alta
Matematica" (GNSAGA-INdAM) for financial support.

2. We particularly wish to encourage interactions between researchers
in theoretical and algorithmic areas of finitely-presented groups.
While the main emphasis will be on group presentations and how to
extract useful information from these, the formulation is also
intended to allow discussion of related algebraic structures.

3. The following is a list of invited speakers with titles (where

* Gilbert Baumslag (CUNY): Working with presentations of infinitely
generated subgroups of finitely presented groups, with computers.

* John Cannon (Sydney)

* Marston Conder (Auckland): Questions arising from
finitely-presented group actions on the infinite cubic tree.

* Bettina Eick (Kassel): Computing with polycyclic presentations -
new developments and open questions.

* Brent Everitt (York): Images of Geometric Groups.

* Robert Gilman (Stevens Institute, Hoboken): Automatic Groups with

* Fritz Grunewald (Duesseldorf)

* George Havas (Brisbane): PEACE: Proof extraction after coset

* Charles Leedham-Green (London): Presentations of p-groups of
bounded rank, width and obliquity.

* Stuart Margolis (Bar-Ilan): Automata and inverse semigroup
theoretic algorithms for subgroups of free groups.

* Mike Newman (Canberra): A family of cyclically-presented
fundamental groups.

* Steve Pride (Glasgow): Chains of ideals for groups and other

* Charles Sims (Rutgers): The Knuth-Bendix Procedure for Strings.

* Michael Vaughan-Lee (Oxford): Computing the Burnside group

4. The WWW page for the meeting is


This is updated regularly and is the most complete source of
information for the meeting.

5. The WWW page includes information on hotels, and instructions on
how to make hotel reservations, and to register for the
workshop. We ask that people who plan to attend the meeting notify
us to assist in planning. We particularly request that you
register, and make hotel reservations as soon as possible.

A. Caranti <caranti@science.unitn.it>
Mike Newman <newman@maths.anu.edu.au>
Eamonn O'Brien <obrien@math.auckland.ac.nz>

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