> < ^ Date: Mon, 12 Sep 1994 13:01:00 -0700 (PDT)
> < ^ From: Frank Celler <frank.celler@math.rwth-aachen.de >
< ^ Subject: Re: GAP / Mathematica ...?

Dear Wade Satterfield,

Does there exist a "link," of sorts, between MacGAP and
Mathematica? Or between GAP and Mathematica for PC's, for that

our incoming directory contains the following:

- GAP to Mathematica, Mathematica to GAP translator
- written by Sebastian Egner <egner@zkm.de>

we don't have Mathematica here, so I don't know, if this does exactly
what you want, but it should be worthwhile to check if you can
use it.

best wishes

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