> < ^ Date: Mon, 25 Jul 1994 10:02:00 +0100 (WET)
> < ^ From: Frank Celler <frank.celler@math.rwth-aachen.de >
< ^ Subject: Re: Read() (Rather Subgroup(...

Dear Dima,

Let g:=Group(....). Is there any natural way to avoid calling a procedure
checking whether h:=Subgroup(g,[...]) is indeed a subgroup in the
moment of creating h?

in most cases avoiding the dispatcher will disable all test, eg, in
order to create a subgroup without checking the generators one can use
'h := g.operations.Subgroup( Parent(g), [ <gens> ] )'. However, if
<gens> are not elements of <g> computations with <h> might give wrong
result without warning.

best wishes

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