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> < ^ From: Frank Celler <frank.celler@math.rwth-aachen.de >
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Dear Gap Forum,

the following exercises, programs, functions and utilities were sent
to us and made available on our ftp server "ftp.math.rwth-aachen.de"
( We emphasise once more that they are made available
as sent without *any* warranty from us. Please mail any questions to
the respective originators whose email addresses are given below.

Further such submissions are welcome, best wishes

Frank Celler and Joachim Neubueser


- unsorted Galway exercises, email <Gap-Trouble@Math.RWTH-Aachen.DE>
- exercises from Peter Webb <webb@math.umn.edu>


AbStab.g, AbStab.doc
- for representing elements of a permutation group in terms of its
- written by Philip Osterlund <osterlu@s6.math.umn.edu>

- Double Coset Enumerator
- written by Steve Linton <sal@dcs.st-and.ac.uk>

GAP-Manual-html.doc, GAP-Manual-html.tgz
- The file 'GAP-Manual-html.tgz' is a 'gzip'-ed 'tar' archive containing
the GAP manual as an HTML document. Unpacked it requires about 4 MBytes
of disk space. You can read this using your favorite WWW browser.
- written by Martin Schoenert <Martin.Schoenert@Math.RWTH-Aachen.DE>

  - MeatAxe Version 2.2.2
  - contact <sam@math.rwth-aachen.de>

WeylMod.g, WeylMod.doc
- WeylMod.g is a small collection of routines that work with
representations of simple complex Lie algebras. It provides the
- (1) definitions of Killing form for all finite simple Lie algebras,
and all affine Lie algebras (Kak-Moody algebras) -- both direct and
- (2) Weyl's equation for the dimension of a representation given its
highest weight.
- (3) Freudenthal's recursive algorithm to generate all weights and
multiplicities of a representation given its highest weight.
- written by Jacob Hirbawi <JcbHrb@CERF.net>

bin3r4p2-mac-syc-101.sea.bin, src3r4p2-mac-syc-101.sea.bin
  - port of GAP for Macintosh
  - written by Burkhard Hoefling <HOEFLING@Mat.Mathematik.Uni-Mainz.DE>

coco.grp, coco.tex
- When you read the file `coco.grp' into GAP, a function will be
defined that allows you to construct the primitive permutation
representations of the simple groups of order less than~$10^6$,
except for the two-dimensional linear groups. The groups come
together with the computer package COCO for calculations with
COherent COnfigurations. COCO was written by A.~A.~Ivanov,
I.~Farad\v{z}ev and M.~Klin and ported to UNIX machines by
- The information about primitive groups was translated into
GAP-format by Heiko Thei{\ss}en <Heiko.Theissen@math.rwth-aachen.de>.

ctpg.g, ctpgexam.g
- This file contains a couple of GAP (version 3.3) functions that
help in the following situation:
Input: G a finitely presented group, H a homomorphic image of G and U
a subgroup of H.
Output: The abelian invariants of the complete preimage of U in G.
- written by Werner Nickel <Werner.Nickel@math.rwth-aachen.de>

emacs-gap-mode-1.96.tar.gz, emacs-gap-mode.readme
  - GAP mode for emacs
  - written by Michael Smith

- GAP manual to EMACS info format translator
- written by Steve Fisk <fisk@bowdoin.edu>

gap.m, math.g, gapmath.doc
- GAP to Mathematica, Mathematica to GAP translator
- written by Sebastian Egner <egner@zkm.de>

- this is an analysis, using GAP, of a deficiency zero presentation ...
- by Mike F. Newman <Mike.Newman@maths.anu.edu.au>

nrsg.diss.ps.gz, nrsg.tar.gz
- One of our students has recently completed his Magister Thesis
on the implementation of Nearring functions in GAP, and as
a byproduct has created GAP functions to do endomorphisms,
automorphisms etc of groups.
- contact Tim Boykett <tim@bruckner.stoch.uni-linz.ac.at>

semigroup.g, semigroup.doc
- functions for semi groups
- written by Marcel Widi,
email Tim Boykett <tim@bruckner.stoch.uni-linz.ac.at>

split.zoo, split-merge.doc
- splits and merges large files into smaller pieces,
useful when transferring files on floppy disk
- uploaded by Steve Linton <sal@cs.st-and.ac.uk>

stamp.g, stamp.doc
- stamp.g - Routines for computing in very large permutation groups
- written by Steve Linton <sal@cs.st-and.ac.uk>

  - ANU pq version 1.3
  - written by Eamonn O'Brien <Eamonn.OBrien@Math.RWTH-Aachen.DE>

xgap1r3.zoo, xgap1r3-dvi.zoo, xgap1r3-*-*-*.zoo
  - XGAP - a graphical frontend for GAP under X-Windows, Version 1.3,
    xgap1r3-dvi.zoo contains the DVI file of the manual, xgap1r3-*-*-*.zoo
    contains binaries for the corresponding machine and operating
  - written by Frank Celler <Frank.Celler@Math.RWTH-Aachen.DE>

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