> < ^ Date: Sun, 05 Feb 1995 15:16:00 -0500
^ From: Robert S. Clancy <rsc@math.ufl.edu >
> ^ Subject: Memory usage


My question is how to clear a record from memory.
Specifically, a lattice record. This is the context:
Compute the lattice of the AlternatingGroup(8). Now
for subgroups of this group, compute a lattice. I
don't want to do it all at once. I would be happy to
just be able to replace an old subgroup lattice with
a new subgroup lattice.

Redefining the old subgroup lattice as the new
subgroup lattice does not seem to work. In other words,
after a few replacements, I still run out of memory.
Is the information of the old subgroup lattice able to
be cleared from memory?



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