> < ^ Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1993 17:04:32 +0100
> < ^ From: R. Keith Dennis <dennis@rkd.math.cornell.edu >
> < ^ Subject: RE: new GAP for OS/2 with hypertext documentation

Arnaldo Mandel (am@ime.usp.br) writes
>One of the things I miss on GAP is good online documentation, fur the
>unix environment implementation. My favorite choice would be an Emacs
>info document, although I can survive other formats which allow fast
>online search (thus, havin the manual online as a .dvi or .ps file
>will not cut it). Is there any hope that such a thing will ever
>appear? Maybe this IPF hypertext can be ported.

The previewer from ArborText does searches on strings of ordinary
characters in a dvi file (unfortunately, no accented characters
or math is accepted). Thus you can preview dvi files AND search them.
The previewer can be bought separately (about $375 educational price).
It is also available as one of the pieces of Publisher if you happen
to already own it.

Keith Dennis

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