> < ^ Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 10:38:29 -0400
> < ^ From: John Dixon <jdixon@math.carleton.ca >
> ^ Subject: Downloading ZOO files with Netscape

David Hobby wrote:

I've been having this problem too. As far as I can tell,
> the problem is with Netscape, and not so much with Windows. I'm
> running Netscape Communicator 4.06, under Windows 95, although I've
> also had the same problem on other machines. I just made the changes
> outlined at the link, and .zoo files STILL download as text.
> (Aside from unzooing problems, one can also tell by the icons that
> Windows uses for them.)
> The one thing that I've found that works is to use Microsoft's
> Internet Explorer instead. I personally prefer Netscape, but here is
> one place where the competitor is better. Internet Explorer seems to
> be actively checking what the file type is before it commences to
> download .zoo files. I've contacted Netscape about the problem as
> well, but have yet to get a reply. (Of course this would all be
> moot if GAP were packed using Zip instead. : ) )
> ---David Hobby

I also had this problem for a while. My solution was to go into
Netscape Navigator at
and add a New Type "zoo"
I wrote zoo under MimeType and unzoo.exe under HandledBy and ticked the
box Ask Me Before Opening Downloaded Files Of This Type.
I have had no further trouble.
- John D. Dixon

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