> < ^ Date: 19 Aug 2002 16:48:05 +0200
> < ^ From: Juergen Ecker <juergen.ecker@algebra.uni-linz.ac.at >
> ^ Subject: coset enumeration

Dear GAP Forum,

I have tried to work with the group

< p,q,r; p^4, p^2=q^3=(pq)^5, r^2=(rp)^4=p^2 >

in GAP. According to Zassenhaus' "Ueber endliche Fastkoerper" (On finite
nearfields), this is a group having <p,q>=SL(2,5) as a normal subgroup
of index 2.

Nevertheless, I could not make GAP compute the correct size, neither
with the built in coset enumerator, nor using the ace package. The size
of the subgroup <p,q> is computed correctly.

Have I misunderstood Zassenhaus' paper or is there another way of
computing the size of this group in GAP?

Thanks for your help.

Juergen Ecker

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