> < ^ Date: Sat, 02 Mar 2002 23:44:08 -0600
> < ^ From: Daniel Espinosa <desp@xanum.uam.mx >
> < ^ Subject: Re: gap finished

Dear Gap Forum

Some times the default amout of memory is not enough. You should try the
"-m" and "-o" options of GAP memory. Under unix you can type

$home/gap4r2/your_unix/bin/gap -m 300m -o 300m -l $home/gap4r2

First, you must know how many physical and swap memory is available.

Best regards: Daniel Espinosa...

On Fri, 22 Feb 2002, vahid Dabbaghianabdoly wrote:

Dear Gap Forum

When I want to get the conjugacy classes subgroups of the Alternating
group on 11 elements, after about one hour I get the following message
and I should close the gap and open it again to use it.
I do appreciate if you let me know how can fix it.

gap> g:=AlternatingGroup(11);
Alt( [ 1 .. 11 ] )
gap> ConjugacyClassesSubgroups(g);
gap: cannot extend the workspace any more

Regards, Vahid Dabbaghian

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