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As requested I am reposting this in the interest of (a) broader
distribution and (b) making sure that the computational pure
mathematicians get heard.


[I am posting this in the interest of broader distribution. Please send
any responses to math-sw-survey@gnu.ai.mit.edu, NOT to me.]

      [ Please repost this wherever you think is appropriate! ]

Project GNU of the Free Software Foundation is conducting a survey to
determine the kinds of mathematical software commonly utilized by scientists
and mathematicians. Your answers will help us to determine the programming
tasks we present to our volunteers. This will ultimately result in a more
complete set of math programs and subroutines available as free software.

Please answer the following questions with regard to scientific,
mathematical, and/or statistical software:

1. What packages are commonly used?

I use plain TeX all the time, microemacs as an editor, linnux,
postsript, xfig, (does e-mail count?), maple sometimes and I plan to use GAP
when I can get round to it.

2. What programs and subroutines are desired, but not available?

A better interface of microemacs with linnux, at least I dont know where
to get one. A user friendly interface with musicTeX!!!???

3. What freeware currently exists?

Bernhard Rauscher has written a beautiful package to do commuting
diagrams in TeX.

4. Where else can we ask these questions?

Dunno. Dunno who youve asked already.

Please give as much detail as you can, including package name, author,
language, and where it can be found.

Send responses to math-sw-survey@gnu.ai.mit.edu

Thank you!

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