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> < ^ Subject: Re: On-line manual

>>"Martin" == Martin Schoenert <martin.schoenert@math.rwth-aachen.de> writes:

Martin> I am currently working on a direct translation of the LaTeX
Martin> subset the GAP manual is using to HTML. Should produce nicer
Martin> results than the GAP-LaTeX -> TeXinfo -> HTML translation.
Martin> For example it uses proper fonts.

Martin> It would also like to hear comments about Steve's HTML
Martin> document. For example, is it better to have one document per
Martin> section or is it better to have one document per chapter and
Martin> each section has its own label?

My view

Home Page - telling about GAP
     All Chapter titles, plus pointer to listing of all nodes and index
        Chapter 1 (Aboutgap)
                first section
        Chapter 2
                first section

Is this what your question meant?

Martin> Note that Steve Fisk's converter has problems with some
Martin> features and inconsistencies in the GAP manual. For example
Martin> it keeps the index entries. Also his handling of '\' is not
Martin> quite correct, e.g., '\' has no special meaning in the
Martin> example environment (|example|). Also it would be nice if
Martin> the crossreferences (see "somewhere") where mapped to
Martin> references in the TeXinfo manual.

I'm not surprised that it doesn't get all these features correct. I
was very impressed with the organization of the manual that allowed
almost 1000 pages to become a "nearly correct" info document. I
attempted a minimal conversion - I know there are problems with
references, fonts, index entries, |'s (and I spend more time with |
than with everything else combined). I think that for someone who
knows perl, these are not too hard to do.

However, the direct creation of the HTML document - by the creator -
is clearly the best way to proceed. I only hope that my effort proves
useful in the short run. Anyway, I enjoyed learning perl.

Once again, thanks for GAP!

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