> < ^ Date: Mon, 25 Jul 1994 11:52:00 -0400
> < ^ From: Steve Fisk <fisk@polar.bowdoin.edu >
> ^ Subject: gap 3.4 under emacs

Dear gap forum,

If I use the -n option in gap to prevent echoing in my emacs shell
window, then I can not access the help system. Here is what happens:
(using emacs 19.22)

[gap3r4p0]< 14 > bin/gap -b -m 4 -l lib/ -h doc/

gap> ?
    Welcome to GAP ___________________________________________ Welcome to GAP

Welcome to GAP.

GAP is a system for computational group theory.

Enter '?About GAP' for a step by step introduction to GAP.
Enter '?Help' for information how to use the GAP help system.
Enter '?Chapters' for a list of the chapters of the GAP help system.
Enter '?Copyright' for the terms under which you can use and copy GAP.

In each case do *not* enter the single quotes(') , they are used in help
sections only to delimit text that you actually enter.

[gap3r4p0]< 15 > bin/gap -b -n -m 4 -l lib/ -h doc/

gap> ?
Syntax error: expression expected


Another question - with the manual growing several hundred pages every
release, it's getting hard to even know what is even available. Has
anyone written a converter to info? Such a format would make it easy
to browse the manual.

Steve Fisk                              Department of Mathematics
207-725-3574                            Bowdoin College
fisk@bowdoin.edu                        Brunswick, Me. 04011 USA

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