> < ^ Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1993 19:10:34 +0100
^ From: Frederick Ford <ffor@gauss.math.rochester.edu >
> ^ Subject: GAP on super/parallel computers

I have an opportunity to get some "free" time on either a super
computer or a parallel computer. Basically, the local administrator
is getting complaints from users about the lack of speed recently and
I am currently the most active user on the system. He's hoping that
getting me off the system will give him some breathing room. I've
been running very cpu intensive GAP computations.

The super computer options are:

                OS              C compiler
IBM ES-9000     AIX/370         AIX/370 C compiler
IBM RS-6000     AIX             AIX XL C compiler/6000
Cray-YMP        UNICOS          Cray standard C compiler

The parallel computer is a Connection Machine (massively parallel I'm
told). The OS is System V, BSD 4.3 compatible. I don't have any
details on the C compiler version, but it's whatever Thinking
Machines is distributing as their "standard" C compiler.

I have three questions.

1) The manual indicates that GAP compiles on the IBM RS-6000. Does
anyone know about any of the other platforms?

2) How much faster, generally speaking, should I expect GAP to be on
these platforms?

3) Should I opt for super or parallel computing?

Frederick Ford

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