> < ^ Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 18:12:17 +0100
> < ^ From: Greg Gamble <greg.gamble@math.rwth-aachen.de >
^ Subject: Announcing ANUPQ 1.4 (for use with GAP 4.3fix4)

Dear GAP-Forum,

We (Eamonn O'Brien, Werner Nickel and myself) are pleased to announce
a new release (version 1.4) of the ANUPQ package.

The main reason for this release is that ANUPQ 1.1 is broken after one
installs bugfix 4 for GAP 4.3. Please note however that ANUPQ 1.4 is
not compatible with versions of GAP prior to GAP 4.3fix4. (So don't
upgrade your ANUPQ until you have upgraded your GAP.) Please note,
that you should also install the latest version of the AutPGrp package
(version 1.1), at this time.

Version 1.4, however, does bring several improvements in efficiency
and fixes some bugs. So it is highly recommended if you use the ANUPQ
package that you upgrade your GAP (to 4.3fix4), ANUPQ (to 1.4) and
your AutPGrp (to 1.1).

ANUPQ 1.4 may be obtained from any of the following websites:

http://www.gap-system.org/Share/anupq.html (St Andrews, UK)
http://www.math.rwth-aachen.de/~Greg.Gamble/ANUPQ/ (Aachen, Germany)
http://www.maths.curtin.edu.au/~gregg/ANUPQ/ (Perth, Australia)

AutPGrp 1.1 may be obtained from:

http://www.gap-system.org/Share/autpgrp.html (St Andrews, UK)

Best regards,
Greg Gamble

Details of changes between Versions 1.1 and 1.4.
[Note: Capitalised functions are internal, undocumented functions]
The following remove a problem with installation on Mac (OS X) Unix.
o src/malloc.h:
debugging file removed
o src/print_multiweight.c:
removed unnecessary line: #include <malloc.h>
Incidental changes.
o README, VERSION, PkgInfo.g, doc/{install,intro,infra}.tex
Version number change.
o testPq.in:
- Added more bullet-proofing, and more intelligent messages when
things go wrong
- Added -A option to GAP command.
- now looks for version 1.1 of AutPGrp
o init.g:
- now use `StringFile' rather than iostreams to read `VERSION'
(more efficient)
- now looks for version 1.1 of AutPGrp
- commented out backward compatibility with GAP 4.2, since no
longer compatible with versions of GAP earlier than 4.3fix4
o PkgInfo.g:
added (will be necessary for GAP 4.4)
o lib/anupq4r2cpt.g[id]:
deprecated (no longer distributed with package).
o tst/anupqeg.tst:
o doc/basics.tex:
Fixed typo.
Changes for improved efficiency.
o lib/{anusp.gi,anupga.gi}:
On suggestion of Alexander Hulpke (thanks Alexander) added
`IsSyllableWordsFamily' as first argument to `FreeGroup' commands
when the group is subsequently converted to a pc group
Changes required by GAP 4.3fix4.
o PqSupplementInnerAutomorphisms (lib/anupga.gi):
`SetPcgs' changed to `SetGeneralizedPcgs'.
o PQ_AUT_INPUT (lib/anupqi.gi):
`Pcgs' changed to `GeneralizedPcgs'.
Bug fixes/efficiency improvements to do with the input of generators/
relations identified by Robert Morse (thanks Robert):
o PQ_GROUP_FROM_PCP (lib/anupq.gi line 531):
`GroupHomomorphismByImages' replaced by `GroupHomomorphismByImagesNC'
Reason: The check was unnecessary and slowed things down enormously.
o PQ_PC_PRESENTATION (lib/anupq.gi):
- datarec.gens, datarec.rels: previously `String' was applied to
the generators/relators provided and then stored in datarec.gens,
datarec.rels; this can be enormously costly. Now, no processing
is done when GAP already has them in another form (for pc groups,
however, the relators are calculated as before and stored as
strings, in datec.rels). The conversion to String is now only done
at the point of transmission to the pq program, and done in `ToPQk'.
- datarec.gens: an Error is now emitted if the number of defining
gen'rs is larger than 511 (the limit imposed by the pq program,
see MAXGENS in `include/runtime.h').
o ToPQk (lib/anupqios.gi):
When `ToPQk' is called with `cmd' equal to "gens" or "rels", cmd is
treated as the field of `datarec' so that the transmission of
generators and relators to the pq program can be treated specially,
to improve efficiency. The data is still split into ``nice'' lines of
length < 69 characters, but care is taken to avoid infinite loops
when there are no nice places to break the lines.

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