> < ^ Date: Mon, 06 Nov 1995 08:46:42 +0200
^ From: Shahiem Ganief <ganief@math.unp.ac.za >
> ^ Subject: Re: MeatAxe on pc

Dear Sir

We are having problems running MeatAxe from a personel computer, and
your help will be very much appreciated.

We are runnig GAP3R4P2 (dos version) perfectly from a 486 computer.
However, when I call up the function 'RequirePackage("meataxe") the
following appears
Invalid switch - /000069
#I The MeatAxe share library functions are available now.
#I All files will be placed in the directory
#I 'c:\DOS/000069'
#I Use 'MeatAxe.SetDirectory( <path> )' if you want to change.

The problem is that this file does not exist. If I create this file
(manually), MeatAxe then places files in ile (manually) MeatAxe place
files in the directory 'c:\dos/a00069'. I tried to change the path
using the function "MeatAxe.SetDirectory( <path> )" without sucess.
Can you get me out of this hole?

Thanking you in anticipation.
Shahiem Ganief

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