> < ^ Date: Tue, 07 Sep 1999 12:26:13 +0100
> < ^ From: Willem de Graaf <degraaf@math.uu.nl >
^ Subject: Macintosh binary fix

Dear Forum,

This is to announce a bugfix for the Macintosh binaries of GAP4.
It does *not* apply to any other system.
The priority of this fix is high.

This fix corrects a problem with the function NumberFFVector for vectors
over GF( 2 ) .

Many thanks to Sergei Haller for reporting the error, and to
Burkhard Hoefling for compiling the new binaries.

You can get the new binary (for Macintosh 68k and Macintosh PPC) from
the bugfixes web page
Alternatively you can find this file in the 'bugfixes' directory of the
GAP4 ftp distribution.

With the new binary reading the testfile `vspcrow.tst' should run without
trouble ( this can be tried with the command
ReadTest( "/home/yourname/gap4r1/tst/vspcrow.tst" ); ).

Willem de Graaf

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