> < ^ Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 19:26:21 -0400
> ^ From: Bob Harris <nitlion@mindspring.com >
> ^ Subject: GAP commands equivalent to magma's InverseWordMap and sol


I'm a relative newbie to GAP.

Recently I saw a post at rec.puzzles regarding a permutation puzzle, which
the poster had done some analysis using magma. I wanted to do the same sort
of analysis with GAP.

The magma command sequence was something like this (specific details don't
seem important):

G:=PermutationGroup ...;

In my case, I got as far as this, defining my puzzle with

puzzle := Group ((1,2,3,7,11,10,9,5),

and counting the size of the group with

Size (puzzle);

But I don't see any corresponding operation to magma's InverseWordMap and

Anyone out there have any hints?

Thanks in any case,

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