> < ^ Date: Thu, 30 Jun 1994 16:11:00 -0400
^ From: Evelyn Hart <"agnesi::hart"@physics.hope.edu >
> ^ Subject: can GAP do group rings?

I don't have GAP, and I'm wondering whether to get it. I'm new to the
forum, so you've heard this one before, be nice.

Does GAP do calculations with group rings?

I'm interested in the
group ring Z[\pi] where Z is the integers and \pi is the group on
four generators, a,b,c,d with one relation
a b 1/a 1/b c d 1/c 1/d.
This is the fundamental group of the double torus. It is an
ugly group, because it contains words of arbitrarily long length that
can not be reduced.
That's my question. If GAP can work with such a thing, I'll get GAP.


Evelyn Hart

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