> < ^ Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1992 11:36:54 +0200
< ^ From: Boris Hemkemeier <boris@mathematik.uni-bielefeld.de >
^ Subject: Gap mirror (was: Re: GAP on Macintosh)

Via 'ftp' on 'samson.math.rwth-aachen.de'. I don't think the other
servers have this file.

ftp.mathematik.uni-bielefeld.de:/pub/math/gap is a enhanced
(actual gap manual in PostScript) and actual mirror of
samson.math.rwth-aachen.de:/pub/gap .

Other (*free*) computer algebra packages are welcome. Please send mail
to boris@mathematik.uni-bielefeld.de. or

ftp.mathematik.uni-bielefeld.de has a satisfying Internet connectivity
(no WIN-traffic in germany for *.edu and *.au connections).
"Say no to bugs!"
Boris Hemkemeier boris@mathematik.uni-bielefeld.de.

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