> < ^ Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1992 02:49:28 +0100
> ^ From: Jacob Hirbawi <hirbawi@commquest.com >
> ^ Subject: compiling gap source code under DOS

I would like to compile the source code for gap on an IBM PC running DOS.

I downloaded the 386 executable a few months ago and haven't had too many
problems with it (actually the only problem I had is using the
"Edit(filename)" command which I could not get to work; but since
Exec("myeditor filename") works fine, that hasn't been much of an abstacle.)
I have also been using the gcc compiler for DOS for a while and would like
to try it out on the gap source code. Is there a "system.c" file for DOS
and do I need anything else to generate the executable myself?


Jacob Hirbawi

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