> < ^ Date: Fri, 09 Jun 1995 00:18:00 -0700
> < ^ From: Jacob Hirbawi <hirbawi@commquest.com >
> ^ Subject: unassigned returned values

What happens when you call a function that returns a value, but yet you
don't assign that returned value to anything?

For example in :

test:=function(n) local a;
  List([1..n]);          <----
  return a;

where does the returned value of List([1..n]) "go"?

This is more than a curiousity; I have *some* reason to beleive that this can
cause serious problems with your hard disk; especially if the returned values
need a lot of storage. This is far from being conclusive however, but my
reluctance to experiment should be understandable ;-). So I'd like to see
what the experts have to say on this before I go on.



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