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Dear forum,

Mario Pineda Ruelas asked:

?can any tell me how to use the LogTo()GAP command (or another command)
if I like to record (to after print) whole GAP log. in a file.

LogTo() works just as described in the GAP manual, for example you can just
type 'LogTo ("my log")' at the GAP prompt to save the GAP log into
the file 'my log' in the GAP folder (i.e., the folder which contains the
GAP application). You should refer to the section about path names in the
Mac specific documentation to store your log file elsewhere. Note that you
will get error messages if you open the log file in an editor while GAP
writes to it.

?how to increase the length of the log window.

The only way to change the length of the log window is to recompile GAP
(there is a symbol called LOGWINDOWSIZE or the like which you would have to
change). However, I wouldn't encourage you to do so unless you have some
experience with C on the Macintosh. Unfortunately, I cannot do this for you
either, since I presently do not have access to a suitable Mac myself. (As
described in the GAP documentation, the reason for limiting the size of the
contents of the log window is to avoid that GAP runs out of memory during a
long session, e.g. if you let it run through the night.)

Anyhow, I guess that it might be a better idea not to try to save the
entire log file but to copy and paste only the relevant parts of the log
window into an editor window, or to use the PrintTo() or AppendTo() command
to print the GAP objects of interest to a file.

Hope this helps,


P.S. If you have any further technical questions, you may consider sending
them to

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