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Dear Gap-Forum,

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I'm working with KBMAG to get automatic structures for some groups.
In the manual there are described serveral functions such as Automata,
KB, ReduceWordRWS, and so on. But, unfortunately, not all Gap- functions
for Automata. For instance: what about BFSFSA or AddStateFSA? Certainly,
I have an idea, but what I'm interest in is a complete listing of _all_
(so far ) undocumented functions for KBMAG, to use them.

Thank You for your help,

I am sorry, but I never got around to putting the FSA GAP utility functions
in the manual, and I have no immediate plans to do this. The main reason
is that some of them have slight complications, and so they are not quite
up to the standard required for publically available GAP functions.
For example, if you read an FSA in from a file, then you have to call
InitializeFSA on it before doing anything else, or various things can go
wrong without warning.

So, you are welcome to use these functions, but you will have to get
information about them for yourself, by looking at the comments in the file
fsa.g. If you have any difficulties, please do write and ask me - I am
quite willing to advise about them, or even to add new features if

Best wishes,
Derek Holt.

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