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Dear GAP-Forum,

Since from time to time we get questions about the algorithms used by GAP,
I would like to mention the following conference proceedings (considering the
price, alas, they are rather something for a library than for a private

Best wishes,

Alexander Hulpke

OSU Mathematical Research Institute Publications, Volume 8

Groups and Computation III
Proceedings of the International Conference
at The Ohio State University, June 15--19, 1999
Editors: William M. Kantor, \'Akos Seress

17 x 24 cm. XIII, 368 pages
ISBN 3-11-016721-2

This volume contains contributions by the participants of the conference
``Groups and Computation'',
which took place at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, in
June 1999.

This conference was the successor of two workshops
on "Groups and Computation'' held at DIMACS in 1991 and 1995.
There are papers on permutation group algorithms,
finitely presented groups, polycyclic groups, and parallel
computation, providing a representative sample of the breadth of
Computational Group Theory. On the other hand, more than one third
of the papers deal with computations in matrix groups, giving an
in-depth treatment of the currently most active area of the field.

The points of view of the papers range from explicit computations
to group-theoretic algorithms to group-theoretic theorems needed
for algorithm development. The volume is recommended for
researchers and graduate students who wish to get acquianted with
the state of the art in this exciting new field in mathematics.


C. Altseimer, A. V. Borovik:
Probabilistic recognition of orthogonal and symplectic groups

R. M. Avanzi, M. Kratzer, G. O. Michler:
Janko's simple groups $J_2$ and $J_3$ are irreducible subgroups of
$\SL_{85}(5)$ with equal centralizers of an involution

L. Babai, A. Shalev:
Recognizing simplicity of black-box groups and
the frequency of $p$-singular elements in affine groups

R. Beals:
Improved algorithms for the Tits alternative

P. A. Brooksbank:
A constructive recognition algorithm for the matrix group $\Omega(d,q)$

P. A. Brooksbank, W. M. Kantor:
On constructive recognition of a black box $\PSL(d,q)$

M. Conder, C. R. Leedham-Green:
Fast recognition of classical groups over large fields

G. Cooperman:
Parallel GAP: Mature interactive parallel computing

B. Eick:
Computing with infinite polycyclic groups

B. Eick, A. Hulpke:
Computing the maximal subgroups of a permutation group I

R. M. Guralnick, F. L\"ubeck:
On $p$-singular elements in Chevalley groups in characteristic $p$

G. Havas, C. Ramsay:
Experiments in coset enumeration

G. Havas, L. H. Soicher, R. A. Wilson:
A presentation for the Thompson sporadic simple group

D. F. Holt:
Computing automorphism groups of finite groups

C. K\"ohler, H. Pahlings:
Regular orbits and the $ k(GV)$-problem

C. R. Leedham-Green:
The computational matrix group project

F. L\"ubeck:
Finding $p'$-elements in finite groups of Lie type

A. D. Miasnikov, A. G. Myasnikov:
Balanced presentations of the trivial group on two generators and the
Andrews--Curtis conjecture

T. Miyazaki:
Deterministic algorithms for management of matrix groups

P. M. Neumann:
Nearly simple matrix groups: desiderata and suggestions

P. M. Neumann, C. E. Praeger:
Cyclic matrices and the {\smc meataxe}

I. Pak:
What do we know about the product replacement algorithm?

C. C. Sims:
On the complexity of the endomorphism problem for free groups

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