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Dear Gap-Forum,

Alexander Konovalov asked:

> Derek Holt, Mikhail Klin and Vitaliy Mysovskikh. Recently I run calculation
> of MaximalSubgroups(SymmetricGroup(9)) using the list of its perfect
> subgroups. This calculation on Pentium-166 MMX with RAM 32 Mb under Linux
Such a calculation still will have to work substantially. Generating the
maximal subgroups directly, as suggested by Derek Holt, will be *much*
faster and less demanding on memory. (I have code for this for GAP 4.2 (No,
it won't work with GAP 3) if anyone is interested.)

> 1. Is there a way in GAP to generate sound signal ?
Printing CTRL-G from within a string might produce a beep, depending on your
type of machine and operating system (but this is not a supported feature).
To get a longer beep you'll have to use for-llops for delay between several

> 2. Is there a way to download my program to the certain server somewhere,
> run it on that server, and after certain period of time connect again and
> get log file from the server ?
To my knowledge, nobody offers such a server.

3. And the last related problem: whether somebody already have checked that
S_165 contains the maximal subgroup isomorphic to S_11, which is coming from
the action on unordered triples ?

I believe the problem has been solved completely:
According to the paper of Liebeck/Praeger/Saxl I cited in my previous email
this is maximal in S165. (S_a will be maximal in
S_b if and only if either:
- a=b-1 or
- S_a has a maximal subgroup of index b, unless this is listed as an
exception in this paper. Degree 165 is no exception.)

Best regards,

Alexander Hulpke

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