> < ^ Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1993 10:33:38 +0100
^ From: Ted Hurley <MATHURLEY@bodkin.ucg.ie >
^ Subject: Groups93 Galway/St-Andrews

As many readers of this list may know, an international conference on
Group Theory (GROUPS 1993 Galway/St. Andrews) will be held at University
College Galway from 1-14 August 1993. Short courses will be given by
J. Alperin (Chicago), M Broue (Paris), A. Lubotzky (Jerusalem),
P. Kropholler (QMW, London) and E. Zel'manov (Wisconsin).

A workshop on *Computational Group Theory using GAP* will be conducted by
J. Neubueser (Aachen) and Martin Schoenert (Aachen). It is hoped to conduct
workshops to suit all levels of expertize.

Further information and application form may be obtained by writing to:
Groups 93, Department of Mathematics, University College, Galway, Ireland or
by e-mail: matward@bodkin.ucg.ie or groups93@dcs.st-andrews.ac.uk

The organizers wish to know approximate numbers participating so
that the necessary resources can be put in place, and are asking those who
have not already registered, to do so as soon as possible.

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