> < ^ Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1992 16:00:27 +0100
> ^ From: Michael K. Johnson <johnsonm@stolaf.edu >
> ^ Subject: Press any key to continue...

I wrote a gap procedure to print nicely formatted cayley tables of
groups, but I am missing one thing. I want to stop after each screen
page and print "Press any key to continue", wait for any keystroke,
erase those characters, and go on. I can do all that except actually
waiting for a single keypress. Right now, I have written a
unix-specific C program that gets a single character in non-echo mode
and returns that character. Then I have a small function that looks
like this:

GetCont := function ()
  Print("Press any key to continue\c");

This works, but it requires the getchar program, which, as I said
before, is a unix-specific C program I wrote. I would rather only
have to use gap. I have not seen a way to do this in gap after
reading the parts of the manual which seem to apply.

Is there a way to do this PORTABLY, between different versions of gap?
If so, I would be happy to use it and post my code for general
consumption, if it is of use to anyone...



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