> < ^ Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 19:47:29 +0100
> < ^ From: Stefan Kohl <kohl@mathematik.uni-stuttgart.de >
> < ^ Subject: Re: Maxes for Fi24

Dear Forum,

Christopher Bates wrote:

Does anyone know if the latest version of GAP has the maximal subgroup
information, in the 'Maxes' format, for Fi24' and Fi24. Version 4.2 appears not

The `Maxes' of Fi24' are known to the most recent version of GAP
(resp. the most recent verson of the package ctbllib, to be precise):

gap> tbl := CharacterTable("Fi24'");
CharacterTable( "F3+" )
gap> Maxes(tbl);
[ "Fi23", "2.Fi22.2", "(3xO8+(3):3):2", "O10-(2)", "3^7.O7(3)",
  "3^(1+10):U5(2):2", "F3+M7", "2^2.U6(2).3.2", "2^(1+12).3_1.U4(3).2_2'",
  "3^3.[3^10].GL3(3)", "3^2.3^4.3^8.(A5x2A4).2", "(A4xO8+(2).3).2", "He.2",
  "F3+M14", "2^(3+12).(L3(2)xA6)", "2^(6+8).(S3xA8)", "(3^2:2xG2(3)).2",
  "(A5xA9):2", "7:6xA7", "A6xL2(8):3", "U3(3).2", "U3(3).2", "L2(13).2",
  "L2(13).2", "29:14" ]

The ones of Fi24 apparently are not:

gap> tbl := CharacterTable("Fi24");
CharacterTable( "F3+.2" )
gap> HasMaxes(tbl);

Best wishes,

Stefan Kohl

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