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> < ^ From: Alexander B. Konovalov <alexk@mcs.st-and.ac.uk >
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Dear Gap Forum
How can I add a new object to a list that its terms are not
integers or numbers.
Regards, Vahid Dabbaghian

Dear colleague,
Dear Gap-Forum,

As far as I understand the question, there is no problem in GAP to do
this. Actually, list is an ordered set of objects, which need not to
be integers or numbers, and even could be objects of different types -
groups, strings, logical constants etc. And GAP provide a set of
functions for adding new elements to lists, for example Append, Add,
etc., which are very clearly explained in the Chapter 3 "Lists and
Records" of GAP Tutorial and Chapter 21 "Lists" of the Reference
Manual. You may also add new element directly in n-th position using
assignment of the following format List[n]:=Object.

Please do not hesitate do ask me directly if you will have further

Sincerely yours,
Alexander B. Konovalov
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