> < ^ Date: Tue, 02 Dec 1997 14:19:42 -0500 (EST)
^ From: Amy E. Ksir <aeksir@math.upenn.edu >
> ^ Subject: PermutationCharacter question

Hello GAP forum!

I'm trying to compute the character for the representation of the action
of a Weyl group on the cosets of a maximal Weyl subgroup. I found the command
"PermutationCharacter" which seems to do what I want for small groups
but for larger ones gives me the following:

gap> PermutationCharacter(we7p,we7u7);
Error, Variable: 'cl' must have a value at
Add( c,
Number( DoubleCosets( G, U, Subgroup( Parent( G ), [ cl[i].representative ]
) ), function ( x ) ... end ) ) ... in
GroupOps.PermutationCharacter( arg[1], arg[2] ) called from
arg[1].operations.PermutationCharacter( arg[1], arg[2] ) called from
PermutationCharacter( we7p, we7u7 ) called from
main loop

I have the groups defined as permutation groups on the root vectors.
Do I need to define some other variable? Are my groups just too big?

Any help anyone can send will be appreciated!


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